Alec Shobe

Head of Policy

In his role as Head of Policy and Underwriting at Cloudbreak, Alec serves as Cloudbreak’s touchpoint to the world of regulation and legislation, advocating for beneficial solar policy and interpreting policies to influence Cloudbreak’s strategic direction. He also works on project sale and acquisition opportunities, and is responsible for risk analysis and mitigation.

Previously, Alec was Associate Director of Project Finance & Underwriting at Wunder Capital. There he developed a deep understanding of state solar programs, distinct classes of solar assets, and early-stage development risks to build a comprehensive framework for underwriting commercial, industrial, and community solar assets at any point in the development lifecycle. He led the efforts to engineer new products for financing asset development and enter new markets. He began his career doing research in international finance at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC after receiving a BA in Economics from The College of William & Mary.

East Coast

Cloudbreak has over 66.3 MWdc of sites under active development in major East Coast markets such as Virginia, New York, and others. These projects span large distributed projects with utilities such as Dominion as well as community solar projects in National Grid and NYSEG service territories.


Cloudbreak Energy has been awarded 8 MWdc of distributed solar projects in Iowa. Cloudbreak is actively developing more than 23 MWdc of distributed and community solar projects in several Midwest markets and across multiple utility territories, such as WE Energies, WPS, and Xcel.

West Coast

Cloudbreak Energy has 70+ MWdc of distributed solar and solar plus storage projects in active development in various counties across the Pacific Northwest and in California. The West Coast is a large focus area for the firm as community and distributed solar legislation gains momentum in some of those key markets.


Cloudbreak has been awarded 70+MWdc of distributed and community solar projects with Xcel, Black Hills, and Mountain Parks Electric which are in various stages of maturity, ranging from permitting to COD. Cloudbreak also has 180 MWdc of utility scale solar and 212.2 MWdc of distributed and community solar projects under active development.