Bringing the benefits of solar to communities across the US

Throughout the development process, Cloudbreak works with local schools, community leaders, businesses, and nonprofits to ensure that each of our solar systems is providing jobs, scholarships, job-training opportunities, and significant property tax revenue to the communities where our systems are located.


Community Benefits

Job Creation

Creating local jobs for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the solar system.

Educational Resource

Providing local students with scholarships and job training opportunities.

Local Tax Revenue

Generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in property tax revenue for your county.

Savings on Electric Bills

Allowing members of your community to save money on their electric bills, which will help improve the local economy.

Energy Independence

Generating American-made energy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Ecological Benefits

Improving the local environment. We will be partnering with local companies and nonprofits to design optimal bird and pollinator habitats on properties with existing water rights.


Our Impact

Our current portfolio, on an annual basis, will offset the equivalent of:

railcars worth of coal burned
barrels of oil consumed
propane cylinders
pounds of coal burned
gallons of gasoline consumed
homes electricity consumption
smartphone charges
tanker trucks worth of gasoline
passenger vehicles driven for one year


Partnership Highlights

A key component of Cloudbreak Energy’s mission of advancing clean energy generation across the United States is ensuring that the economic and ecosystemic benefits of our projects are directly accessible to the communities in which we work. Cloudbreak achieves this goal by cultivating select partnerships with local organizations and networks, providing clean electricity to community members at discounted rates, and employing local labor for project construction, land maintenance, and sustainable landscape design.


East Coast

Cloudbreak has over 66.3 MWdc of sites under active development in major East Coast markets such as Virginia, New York, and others. These projects span large distributed projects with utilities such as Dominion as well as community solar projects in National Grid and NYSEG service territories.


Cloudbreak Energy has been awarded 8 MWdc of distributed solar projects in Iowa. Cloudbreak is actively developing more than 23 MWdc of distributed and community solar projects in several Midwest markets and across multiple utility territories, such as WE Energies, WPS, and Xcel.

West Coast

Cloudbreak Energy has 70+ MWdc of distributed solar and solar plus storage projects in active development in various counties across the Pacific Northwest and in California. The West Coast is a large focus area for the firm as community and distributed solar legislation gains momentum in some of those key markets.


Cloudbreak has been awarded 70+MWdc of distributed and community solar projects with Xcel, Black Hills, and Mountain Parks Electric which are in various stages of maturity, ranging from permitting to COD. Cloudbreak also has 180 MWdc of utility scale solar and 212.2 MWdc of distributed and community solar projects under active development.