All of us use energy. We all need it to power our lives, our businesses and our visions. Historically, there has been little choice about how we get that energy, where it comes from, who controls it, how much it costs and what form it takes. Today, these are all choices that we can take into our own hands, decisions that we can participate in making. Yet, there are so many amazing ideas and solutions available to us, it is challenging to know which direction to choose – what will be best, what will be most cost effective, what will be most sustainable, who do I trust?

Cloudbreak Energy was created to help people and businesses deal with this ‘energy choice overload’ by acting as an objective guide. Whether it’s trying to figure out how you can save money on your Utility bills, or just simply figure out the bills themselves, making a decision to utilize cleaner sources of energy like solar, or looking into creating a more sustainable business model. Maybe you are balancing your operational costs and budget (utility expenses are no longer a fixed cost), trying to understand how energy storage can improve your bottom line and provide for emergency back-up power, seeking financing for your energy project and evaluating impact on cash flow, wondering if it’s even possible to get power to your remote water pump and how much that might cost….thinking about all of these questions can be overwhelming.

Cloudbreak Energy supports your decision making process through a consultative approach towards finding technology agnostic solutions. We conduct a thorough analysis of your current situation to create a prioritized list of needs, we make recommendations on how to best address these issues, and we provide access to our network of trusted partners who can best execute on the ultimate solutions. Cloudbreak Energy brings tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience gained through our work on hundreds of energy projects, from 2kW off-grid home power systems to 117MW Utility scale solar, from biomass generators to intelligent energy storage, and from LED lighting retrofits to solar powered walnut processing. We have experience developing, designing, engineering, constructing, commissioning, financing and operating, so we can manage the entire project lifecycle from vision to analysis, from project planning and design to procurement/RFP management to contracting, from implementation to flipping the switch

Cloudbreak Energy is committed to building a more efficient, more sustainable global energy infrastructure with universal access to clean energy. Our objectives are ultimately aligned with our clients’ and our success will only be realized through partnerships, connections, networks, collaborations, and good old perseverance. Every Cloudbreak Energy project is a partner, every client a part of the greater solution. By facilitating better energy decision making, we help clear the path towards our common goal – clean energy for everyone.

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